Thank You Pack

A film camera is like a candle flickering in the wind, however it is still existing here. Why do not you take pictures with it for memories of visiting Japan?
Used to be, many photo printing shops were around stations in Japan. However they are disappearing. If you find a photo printing shop now, they just ask you “would you like to put data in a CD?” and “Would you like to develop and print it?” without any explanations.
If you take pictures with “Utsurun desu(Disposable film camera)” and develop films at these shops, you are supposed to lose opportunity of precious experiences.
We know a shop which do not change negative film to digital data and print out with silver halide printing.
the shop is located in Kodaira, Tokyo. We have a machine QSS23 which is just only one in a operation in Japan. However it is not really known yet here.
Why do not you try silver halide printing before people know it!




Development 605 yen
Printing 27 exposures of 1 roll 1,188 yen
Thank You Pack is 1,793 yen

*Thank You Pack is a flat rate for 27 and 36 exposures and included development.
If you took miss shots, the price remain unchanged.


Active Studio
Address: 1-13-9 Gakuenhigashicho, Kodairashi, Tokyo 187-0043, Japan
Phone: +81-(0)42-346-5666

Shipping Information

We can send you the developed films and prints by international shipping.
Please see here for shipping fee.